Meeting Mindless Behavior at Wet Seal: Houston, Texas

The meet and greet started at 1:00 and the mall opened at 10:00. We got there around 11:20. There was a 300 cut off to meet them, and sadly, we missed it. The employees told us to stay and maybe we can still meet them. The line was hot and girls were so rude. They kept walking past saying things like, "Sucks for you guys, y'all will never meet them." But I ignored it and kept my hopes up. It was 30mins till 1:00 and for some reason, they told everybody who aren't within the 300 to form a line outside the line, next to Wet Seal. We did so, and we ended up meeting with some friends, took some pics, talked, and waited together. Shortly after, everybody started screaming as we saw the boys walk into the store, Based off 1st instinct, as a fangirl would, everybody crowed around them. Smartly, we just got closer in the line. But because the screaming, they made us all return to the hot line. Once we got in the line, we were all told we have to leave because the boys personally said they won't sign more then 300, and they didn't like us screaming. Everybody was upset aw we left the line. I didn't believe their story at all. So we just watched the meet and greet happen from the stores near by, waiting to see if they'd have time to let us all back in. 
    Some people gave up and went home but we still had hope. We sat there for about 20 mins. Suddenly, people in line were kiking and commenting on my pic on Instagram that they're letting people back in line. We rushed and got back in line. About 10 mins later, we where called up to meet the boys. I recorded the whole thing, so you can check out how hat went. We had to buy a shirt, bring a CD, or if you were in the 300, you got a small poster. i forgot my CD so I had to buy myself a shirt so they can sign it. So I did that. Now it was my time to meet the boys again.
  The boys were really nice. I didn't get to really talk to Princeton and Ray, but Prodigy instantly recognized me.He's one of my favorites me from when I met them last year, so you cant imagine how happy I was. When I got up to Roc he told me Myles, their DJ, liked me. I didn't know how exactly to react so I said "huh. Ha I heard him but u I was so shocked, Then they started hitting each other. I honestly don't take it too seriously because that's how boys play sometimes. And I don't wanna get all happy and then find out its a joke. I'd be upset. ha and people ask, "Precious, why didn't you get his #?!" Not even 5 seconds before that, I was all up on Prod. That would make me look bad, I couldn't do that. But anyways.... Shortly after I was rushed to leave and pay for my shirt. I had a great time! Met some cool people! And I wish I could relive that moment again!


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