Techie Tuesday: The Process of Illustrating

I am constantly getting asked what exactly I do, from start to finish, when I illustrate. So, today I decided to show you what you my steps. Originally I did record a video, but my computer deleted it sadly. lucky i did get some pictures of the actual process.

Step 1: The Idea.
All day at school today, I could not think straight. I had this idea in my head, and I was very eager to get home so I can bring it to life. So once i got home, I immediately got started. First I brought out my iPad and substituted it as a sketchbook, with the Adobe Draw App, to get my idea down. I used the picture of the heart as a reference.

later on, I realized my idea reminded me a lot of a piece from Sue Tsai's, so i decided to just make my own version of her painting.

Step 2: Clean it up and get started.
After I finished my sketch, I sent the image to my computer and stared to create a cleaner version of the image. Darken the lines and get a better visual and stated to get started with my design.

Step 3: Color.
I'm the type of person who gets bored with things when I don't see results. So I started coloring after I finish a section to keep me interested.

Step 4: Detail.
After u get the main portion of your image, get started with the details. Soon you'll started seeing you image come to life.

Step 5: All Done!
Title: "Buy a Heart"
Time: Roughly around 8 Hours later

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