Hey guys! I've just had a lot on my mind lately, so i thought I''d just vent a little and write my feeling  bit. Comment If you'd like or you can kik me (Username: LOTNC), or even hit me up on Instagram or Twitter (Crazy_Precious)  if you feel the same or have advice, or just want to talk.

I know I can't be the only one stressing out about college. Between SATs, ACTs, trying to create a convincing College Essays, journalism, extracurricular activities, trying to get myself out there, keeping my grades high and still trying to enjoy my senior year, I feel as if I'm constantly in a balancing act.

I was always convinced that senior year was going to be the best. I'll have a bunch of friends, be active, ect. It's noting like that. I can count all my real friends on one hand, my grades are amazing; but it wasn't easy getting them, and yes i'm active but having such a busy schedule can become very overwhelming. But at the end of the day, I'm okay with living the life I choose to live.

Yet, I still get insecure when the topic of college is brought up. I wonder if I'll get into a great school, or if I'll and upon a community college, which isn't but but not my goal. I know I am blessed with so much talent and potential. And I work really hard, and I'm always determined, full of great characteristics. But will colleges see that in me too?

I just want to be successful so bad. Live a great life. Travel. Be truly happy. But If i don't get a great education, how far will I really get?

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