Wishlist: Dorm Room

For those of you who may not know, I am a senior in high school. College is just around the corner. I'm hoping to attend Sam Houston State University in the fall, * Fingers crossed as I wait for an acceptance letter*. Though I am a bit nervous to start college, I am excited as well! One of those exciting things about living on a university is living in a door. With some inspiration from Pinterest, I've come up with a Wishlist/Vision bored of my dream dorm!

For my bedding, I want a glamorous comfortable vibe. I wanted to keep it simple, but use decorative pillows to add some extra pizzazz. 

Comforter | Target     Sheets | Target     Dream Pillow | Dormify     Other Pillows | H&M

I do plan on being a Graphic Design major, so I believe a tablet and printer would be a necessity for my illustrations and possible prints. I like using cork board as a great visual for inspiration. Though I Pinterest is my go-to, I like having something visual to look at when time gets tough. I would use the small tray/plate and cup to maybe hold a pencils, few rings or memory cards, etc., so I can finally stop losing them. I also would like some simple office supplies, of course I'd choose gold ones. 

Tablet | Wacom     Printer | Canon     Cork Board | Target     Office Supplies | Target
Plate |  H&M     Cup | H&M

Still playing into the classic monochrome with a twist, the bathroom still comes into play. I will be having a roommate so I'm sure there will be some compromise. But, Hey!, A girl can still dream.
Curtain | Target     Towels | H&M     Others | Target

The dorm I hope on getting does have a small kitchenette. You can't really cook too much in a dorm, but if I did so happen to eat there, I'd like to make sure I actually have something to eat with. I'm also not really a coffee type of girl, but I love smoothies! Hopefully, I can bring some type of blender to save me a few bucks. Also a nice money saver is a Brita. It simply filters tap water, saving you on purchasing water bottles. And speaking of water bottles, these cute S'well bottles keep you cold drinks cool, and your hard drinks warm for a longer period of time. 

Mugs: Etsy     Bottles | Swell     Brita | Target     NutriBullet | Target     
Others | Target 

As you all may know, art is very important to me. I'd love to hang some prints up across my dorm a even more inspiration and color.

Other things I thought I'd be cool to have are some frames, filled with pictures of my loves ones. A polaroid camera, to use to make even more memories. A faux sheep skin rug, 1. because what blogger doesn't have one, and 2. they just add a cozy feel to any room. A mirror, basic necessity for anybody. A clothing rank, I may not have room, but it's always been a dream of mine to have one. and last but not least, a candle, for decoration. Though I can't light it, it looks really cute!

Frame | H&M     Camera | Urban Outfitters     Mirror | Ikea     Rug | Ikea     Rack | Ikea     
Candle | H&M 


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