5 tips for aspiring digital artist

As a beginner in this digital art world, I found it kind of difficult getting my foot in the door. Not really knowing where to start from. I came up with 5... 6 hopefully helpful tips for others who are in the same boat as I was....

No. 1 -  Determined why you want to learn the skill

Digital art has become a big craze on my timeline on Instagram. Some may see it as a "easy" way to get acknowledged by a celebrity or as a way to gain followers quickly. Now I'm not knocking down anybody's grind, but a lack of passion is shown in some their work, in my opionion. Digital Art is not easy. It takes hours of commitment, drive, and practice to reach your goal. You have to be willing to put in that effort. So before you decide this is something you want to invest you time in, I think it should be for a good reason.

No. 2 - Find a program that fits your needs and get to know it
There are plenty of software programs you can pick from. Adobe photoshop, Sketchbook Pro,  Paint, GoAnimate, Adobe Illustrator.. ect. All can be used for different type of things. For example, if you want to do digital painting, sketchbook may be your best fit. No matter what program you use, It's important to get to know what you're working with. The more you look into what your software can do, the better your work can be.

No. 3 - Haters = Progress
Now, since I have started getting more recognized for my art, yes, I have had some great opportunities and met some amazing people, but I've still had a lot of negativity directed my way. I've received comments about how my work isn't that great or how I over price my work countless times. People will always manage to find a way to rain on your parade, but you can't allow that. Have confidence in what you do. which leads me to my next tip....

No. 4 - Confidence is the key
One of the biggest problem I've faced during my journey is comparing my work to others. At times, I feel as if my work isn't good enough, and everybody just hypes it up for no reason. But I've also learned that every masterpiece that a artist crates is one of a kind. We all have different strengths and weaknesses that we can build on and create something beautiful. What will you gain from copying somebody else? Know your worth, have faith, and love what you do. And always remember, If you don't believe in yourself, why should anybody else?

No. 5 - Have Fun
Just like any other form of art, It's meant to express yourself and have fun! Don't get too caught up on making progress that you forget that. just go with the flow.

Bonus Tip

No.6 - Be Innovative
It gets boring looking at the same thing being creative over and over. Once you feel comfortable with your art, try too look for ways to go the extra mile. Collaborate, Explore, Be Different

I hope my tips where in any way helpful for any aspiring digital artist.
And, if you're looking into some great artist to look up to, checkout @mizzimickiamii and @thebestestlexis / @the6ela . They're AMAZING!


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