Techie Tuesday: My new iPad Air 2 and Adobe Ink& Slide - Plus Free Screensaver

This Christmas, was a very special one for me. I was blessed with a new iPad Air and Adobe Ink & Slide!

I wanted an iPad for creative reasons. I don't always have access to an a pen and pencil when i have a random idea in mind. And in the digital era, tablets have the ability to practically become anything you want. So I use mine as a way to create on-the-go, when I don't always have access to my computer. Apps like Sketchbook, Adobe draw, Adobe Sketch, and Adobe Line make that very easy for me. Occasionally, I also use PS Express and Lightroom to edit photos I've taken to my camera too.

Speaking of Adobe, Ink & Slide are a new stylus and digital ruler. The Ink, the stylus, is a fine point, lightweight, pressure sensative pen. Its sleek design is comfortable in hand, and very easy to draw with. Slide is a really cool digital ruler that not only creates straight lines, but perfect shapes as well. You're also able to create your own stamps that can be uses from your creative cloud account. They're only sold together and comes with an case that also doubles as a charger.

 Though I am a beginner at digital painting, I have so many ideas for what I can do with this equipment. I can't wait for you all to see what I have in Store. And if you like the screensaver I created, I've decided to link the imagine in this post so you can have your own #PreciouslyMade screensaver as well! Enjoy!

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